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Lego ® Hero Factory Thunder 7157

174 Hero Factory Thunder 7157
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Package Quantity: 1

Kids go nuts over this amazing Lego set. I actually liked that the product has the feature of metallic body makes thunder the tough and strongmost descructive villain. Additional features include armed with meteor blaster, stay away from his powerful crush claw and the most descructive villain. The Lego set is 10.31" Height x 5.55" Length x 2.83" Width. Shopping for #174 Hero Factory Thunder 7157 .

Danger! Von Nebula's toughest servant is squashing everything in his way. Keep clear of his Meteor Blaster and massive crush claw. Thunder is wreaking havoc in the metropolis! He is deemed heavily armed and extremely dangerous. If you get close enough to see him grin, it may possibly be too late!


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