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Lego Furno 3. 0

Furno 3 0
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Color: Red
Package Quantity: 1

Snap the idea together with the Furno 3. 0 in red . Among the many key characteristics for these Legos is the features separating plasma bow and shoulder-mounted wings. Other features include things like bright yellow hero core on chest, stands 61/2? (17cm) tall and 28 elements. The color for the Lego set is red. The Hero Factory set is 6.5"H. It weighs somewhere around 0.33 lbs. Buying a red Furno 3 0 .

Rescue planet Quatros from certain destruction! Get to jungle planet Quatros immediately. Witch Doctor is removing the planet's quaza core and it's becoming unstable. Hurry heroes! Good luck! Stop him before it's too late! He's protected by a group of vicious beasts that can require the plasma bow and eagle animal power to defeat.


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