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Lego Hero Factory Drilldozer 2192

Hero Factory Drilldozer 2192
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Package Quantity: 1

Hero Factory Drilldozer is a must own Lego set. Just one of the features for this Lego set is the uses his turbine-powered drill and razor-sharp hand-held claw to dig his way into anything. Other features consist of stands over 8? (21 cm) tall and strongest of fire lord's minions. 0673419143905 is the EAN barcode for this item. It's 8" Height and it weighs approximately 0.49 lbs.

b Drill your way into the tanker station! Drilldozer is breaking his way into offworld Tanker Station 22 using his multitooth turbinepowered drill. Hes 1 tough cookie, so watch out! * Stands over 8 (21cm) tall /b Attenton heroes! * Use the turbinepowered drill and razor sharp handheld claw to dig into something! Hes not only the strongest of the Fire Lords minions, but hes even more dangerous with his armor plating, redhot molten spikes, razorsharp claws also as a lava sphere shooter! * Protected with heavy armor plating * Fire at the heroes with shouldermounted lava sphere shooter!


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