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Lego Hero Factory Evo 2. 0 2067

Hero Factory Evo 2 0 2067
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Snap it together with Lego Hero Factory Evo 2. 0 2067 . 2067 is the model number for this Lego set. One of the several characteristics for this Lego set is the headgear features heavy-duty breathing apparatus, plated articulated facial armour, camera and antenna. Other highlights consist of 31 elements and purple hero core on chest. The Lego set is 6"H. It has a weight of 0.34 lbs. Hero Factory Evo 2 0 2067 . I would like for you to get the best price and service when buying a Lego set.

b Time to bring the heavy artillery into action! Time to teach them a lesson theyll never forget! /b Code red alert! * Headgear attributes heavyduty breathing apparatus, plated facial armor, camera and antenna * Shield includes doublebarrel ice cannon and utility claw * Includes purple hero core chest plate * Stands more than 6 (17cm) tall Use your new headgear to see through the smoke and your upgraded shield with doublebarrel ice cannon to cool them down. Only your brute strength can overpower them! The fire villains are stealing our heropod fuel at Tanker Station 22.


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