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Lego Hero Factory Jet Bug 2193

Hero Factory Jet Bug 2193
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Children of any age will like to build with the Hero Factory Jet Bug a great item by Lego. I certainly liked that the item has the feature of armored with steel-piercing mandibles and red-hot lava spikes. Other features include stands over 7? (19 cm) tall and 63 elements. The Lego set is 7" Height and it weighs about 0.47 lbs. Will your kid be really happy with this product? The actual hardest course of action when shopping for Hero Factory Jet Bug 2193 is to rush your purchase. Articles are the best to get the specifics of both price and quality of most an item. Make sure you review the price tag on Hero Factory Jet Bug 2193 . How to buy a Hero Factory Jet Bug 2193 . We want you to get the best price when choosing a Lego set for your child, check out the add to shopping cart button below.

"Urgent! Watch out for his razor-sharp pincers and do not let him start his jet engines or we will never have the capability to catch him!"If he's not stopped, he will fly off with our hero-pod fuel utilizing his strong back-mounted jet engines. Jetbug at the same time as the other Fire Villains are attacking Tanker Station 22.


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