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Lego Hero Factory Surge 2. 0 2141

Hero Factory Surge 2 0 2141
Lego Hero Factory Surge 2 0 2141 Image 1Lego Hero Factory Surge 2 0 2141 Image 2


Package Quantity: 1

I actually liked that the Lego set has combi-tool includes long-distance ice spears and climbing hook. Additional features consist of stands over 6? (17 cm) tall and light green hero core on chest. It's 6" Height. It has a weight of 0.34 lbs. To purchase this product now at the cheapest price, check out the shopping cart add to cart button on this page.

b Take the fire villains on from afar! Deep space Tanker Station 22 is beneath attack by the Fire Lord and his band of hotheaded villains. /b Attention Surge! They wont even know what hit them! You cant get too close with no detection so use your new headgear with extended distance thermo scope and builtin motion sensor to shoot your spears from long distances with great precision. * Headgear features longdistance thermo scope, motion sensor, camera and antenna * Combitool contains longdistance ice spears and climbing hook * Includes light green hero core chest plate * Stands more than 6 (17cm) tall


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