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Lego Year 2012 Hero Factory Series 7 Inch Tall Figure Set #6202 - Rocka With Hero Cuffs, Crossbow, Ammo Belt With Arrows, Shooter, Energy Shield And Mask With Heat Scope Vision (total Pieces: 55)

Year 2012 Series 7 Inch Tall Figure Set


I in fact liked that the item had the feature of figure measured approximately 7 inch tall. Other features include things like produced in year 2012 and for age 7 and up. Bar Code# 713733896245. Awesome deal on Year 2012 Series 7 . I would like for you to get the best price and service when choosing a Hero Factory set. Please click on the buyers market link below.

ROCKA! We know the galaxy is secure when you're around! Use your specially equipped heat scope vision to locate them and recapture them using your crossbow and energy shield. The sneaky villains have escaped from the Hero Factory and we need your help to bring them back. Then cuff them and bring them to justice!


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